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Rick smolan

rick_smolanRick Smolan is was a photograpgher, who at a young age loved taking pictures. When things seem to go wrong the best happened. When he didnt use lighting to take pictures of a famous opera singer he was lucky to have a news agency light up the house for him. He is humble and hard working having offered to be a driver for the singer which lead to his staying around to take more pictures. The ironic thing was he was set up to photograph a person who hated photograohers and instead was able to get the best pictures of her. Then the woman in australia who also hated the exploitaion of the aboriganies would allow him to take pictures of her on a trip through the outback.  I think that rick has had really good fortunes on his travels, however I was disapointed that the story he covered on the abonded children of american g.i.s would be abridged because of the editors believed their sponsers would drop them. I hope that he can take pictures again.


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  1. Good Stuff!

  2. Good Stuff !

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